Use and maintenance of grain dryer

Use and maintenance of grain dryer

The main food crops in my country can be divided into rice, wheat and corn.

Development, grain planting and production technology has also been greatly improved, greatly improving grain harvesting

Speed, save time. But it also brings some problems, rapid harvesting affects the drying of grain,

Once stored improperly, it is very easy to cause the food to rot and cause economic loss.

The emergence of technology has greatly improved the quality of grain. This article focuses on grain drying

Analysis of the use and maintenance of the machine. 1 The necessity of grain dryer

With the rapid development of the economy, people's living standards have greatly improved.

Both the sense and the quality have put forward higher requirements, especially for the finished rice.

Improve, if simply relying on traditional methods can not meet the requirements of grain drying, because

Therefore, it is necessary to improve grain drying technology to achieve rapid development.

Judging from the current situation of rural planting structure and economic development in my country, the grain dryer is suitable

Jointly promoted in grain warehouses, seed companies and farms, farming and large grain processing plants

Widely and widely used, with the rapid development of the rural economy, the grain dryer will inevitably enter thousands of people

Households has become one of the necessary equipment for farmers’ production. The application and promotion of grain dryers in my country

There are broad prospects. 2 Use of grain dryer

The choice of grain dryer is mainly based on the variety of grain, choose different dryers, such as

If it is a grain-producing area dominated by wheat and rice, try to choose mixed-flow and mixed-flow drying

Machine, if it is the main corn production area, try to choose a multi-stage downstream high temperature fast dryer.

Rice drying can choose counter-current, mixed counter-current and other low temperature, large slow section dryer. Food is different,

The selected drying technology and specific operation are quite different, and the amount of grain will also affect

Ring drying process and dryer selection.

2.1 Principles of use

Specifically, it means that there are many varieties of grain, the quantity is small, or the grain storage is relatively divided.

If possible, choose a small batch (circulation) dryer or a small Mobile dryer.

Easy to use and manage. However, if the variety of grain is single, the quantity is huge, and the drying period is short, you need to

It is better to choose a large continuous dryer as much as possible. Affected by the condition of the crop itself, different

The harvest season of crops is different, the harvest quantity is different, and there will be a certain temperature difference when drying in the north and south

Therefore, the effect of drying and the cost of operation must be fully considered.

In coastal areas, try to choose the drying of cereals that can avoid low temperature and humid weather.

Otherwise, the dehydration effect will be affected, resulting in poor production efficiency and high drying cost. And the northern region

If you want to dry, try to choose below 0 ℃ for operation, because the lower the outside temperature, the unit

The heat consumption required is greater and the cost is higher. Therefore, operations below 0°C in the north must be

Insulate the dryer, add an insulation layer, and reduce heat loss. Combustion chamber

The degree of quality directly determines the drying efficiency of the dryer and affects the drying effect. Therefore, the dryer is

In the process of drying, attention should be paid to the drying room, blower and dust removal equipment to improve control

System management level, improve work efficiency; start one hour before formal work

Machine, ignite the furnace, check the related equipment, including the transmission parts of the dryer, support

Support parts, etc., must ensure that the equipment is tight, normal and reliable during use.

2.2 Precautions for use

Pay special attention to the following points when using the dryer:

First of all, before igniting the furnace, the furnace, the grate, the feeding device, the combustion chamber, the furnace pit

Check the slag, furnace door, air duct, regulating valve and blower, etc.

Good running condition.

Secondly, pay special attention before starting the grain dryer, check the fuel, tool set transmission

The support device and all bearings and friction surfaces are lubricated to ensure that the work can be maintained.

Finally, certain steps must be followed at the beginning of the grain dryer. First, the dryer must be started

Motor, and then start the wet material transportation equipment, and then the dry material transportation equipment can be turned on, forming a continuous

Even working procedures. 3 Management during the use of the dryer

After the dryer is turned on, it should be operated. During the operation, the shafts of various parts should be checked frequently.

Bearing temperature, the temperature should be controlled within 50 ℃, while listening, mainly the sound of gears, to maintain

Stability, no obvious impact between the transmission, the support and the rotation of the cylinder, vibration and transmission, at the same time

Pay special attention to the following points:

First of all, make sure that there is no loosening of bolt fasteners; secondly, pay special attention to rolling

Whether the contact between the ring and the baffle wheel and tug is normal; the windshield ring and the gear cover are checked again

Check to avoid the occurrence of wing cracks and friction; the last is to lubricate the various parts in advance

To ensure smooth operation. 4 Removal measures of common failure machine of grain dryer

During the use of the grain dryer, all kinds of failures often occur, which not only affects the grain

The drying effect will also cause a great negative impact on the equipment. Therefore, the

Special attention should be paid during use to minimize the occurrence of failures.


4.1 The grain moisture after drying is too high

This is a common failure of grain drying equipment. After testing, it is found that the dried material

The moisture is higher than the expected specified value. For this, the production capacity of the dryer can be controlled to increase

Or reduce the heat supply.

4.2 The rolling ring has a swing phenomenon to the operation of the cylinder

Judging from the cause of this failure, it is mainly because the side of the concave joint of the rolling ring is not

There is clamping, for this, you can use an electric plate to keep the rolling ring and the concave joint uniform, take a moderate

Step up efforts to prevent work accidents caused by overtightening.

4.3 The meshing clearance between the large and small gears is damaged

Whether the tug is worn or the stop wheel is worn, or the pinion is worn, it may lead to

For this problem, the elimination measures are mainly combined with specific conditions, see the wear and tear

It can be cut or replaced, and can also be installed on the reverse side or updated in pairs.

4.4 Whole body vibration of the dryer

The cause of the whole body vibration is that the connection between the tug device and the base is damaged.

The method is to correct the fastened parts to ensure that they are in the correct position;

The second is the wear on the side of the rolling ring, and the elimination measure is to carry out the rolling on the rolling ring according to the degree of wear

It can be replaced if necessary. 5 Repair and maintenance of grain dryer

Various problems may occur during the use of the grain dryer, in addition to the necessary

In addition to measures to eliminate faults, regular maintenance and repairs are also required to facilitate operation

The work goes smoothly, and only then can we ensure that the food after the grain is dried can meet the expectations

Standards to raise the level of food production. Specifically, it can be divided into the following points:

First, combined with the local environment, prior to the drying operation, concentrate on internal circulation

Drying tower, feeding device, lifting device, grain discharging device, transmission device and hot air furnace of drying equipment and

Air supply system and electrical control system are thoroughly checked to ensure that each equipment is in good condition

The operation status is mainly to check the jamming, card damage and stagnation of various parts

check. The fan should be completely disassembled during the maintenance process, and the casing, blades and bearings should be carefully cleaned.

Wash to ensure it is clean.

Second, in order to minimize the occurrence of malfunctions, blockages and damage during the operation of the machine, it is necessary to

Regular shutdown inspection to clear all the grain, clear the debris in the tower, and all parts of the machine

Carry out a careful inspection and do maintenance work.

Third, the operation parts of the machine should be strengthened to observe, apply grease regularly to ensure the rotation

Flexibility, and at the same time, each part of the rolling shaft must be lubricated at least once a month.


Fourth, the loading and unloading of materials should follow the principle of light loading and unloading.

Fifth, regular inspections should be carried out in a timely manner to repair the refractory brick furnace built in the furnace of the hot blast stove to ensure that

The certificate is smooth, and the joint surface of Baoheng is sealed seamlessly. Once the seal is found to be inadequate, replace the seal in time

封材料。 Sealed material.

Sixth, the operator must ensure that all fasteners are fastened, and frequently check and adjust each transmission belt

The tightness. Once an abnormality is found, the cause must be identified, promptly dealt with, and the fault removed.

Seventh, after completing the drying operation, the dust and debris inside the machine should be removed in time, especially

It is the debris in the drying tower and the feeding and lifting spiral ends, which is convenient for the next operation. 6 Conclusion

In summary, we found that the use and maintenance of grain dryers are more complicated

Pay particular attention to the meticulous operation, the operator should work seriously, and strengthen the

Management, improve management level, and improve operating efficiency.